Instituted In 1932

The National
Bible College

Teaching the Kingdom Gospel
with a National Responsibility to
The Covenants of Almighty God

121 Low Etherley, Bishop Auckland
Co Durham, DL14 0HA, United Kingdom

Tel: 01388 834395

Principal: Pastor David J Aimer
Registered Charity No. 211471

Motto: QUOD VERUM TUTUM - "What is true is safe"



In 1936 the Faculty of our College at Harrow Weald inaugurated a Correspondence Course for the benefit of those unable to attend College lectures.

Although the College had to be given up after the outbreak of war the Correspondence Course, which had proved such a popular adjunct, continued to expand considerably, and students enrolled from Cornwall to the Orkneys; from Newfoundland to British Columbia; from New York to Venezuela; Australia and New Zealand; Africa from the Cape to Kenya; and from many other countries.

Students included men and women from almost every walk of life.

This correspondence course has formed the basis for a revised distance learning programme and is currently available