Instituted In 1932

The National
Bible College

Teaching the Kingdom Gospel
with a National Responsibility to
The Covenants of Almighty God

121 Low Etherley, Bishop Auckland
Co Durham, DL14 0HA, United Kingdom

Tel: 01388 834395

Principal: Pastor David J Aimer
Registered Charity No. 211471

Motto: QUOD VERUM TUTUM - "What is true is safe"



For details of how to meet up with Martin & Sue

on short research holidays in 2019:

phone:  07855023181 or


Jerusalem & Bethel in Israel

A research tour that relates our Israel identity teaching to artefacts in Jerusalem’s ‘Bible Lands Museum’ & ‘Temple Institute’ together with an exploration of ‘Bethel’; the site where Biblical Jacob received God’s everlasting covenant promises for his descendants.



A research tour of the historic coastal landing site in France which witnessed the arrival by boat of Mary Cleopas, Mary Solome and Mary Magdalene along with several other first century disciples. Some of these disciples including Joseph of Arimathea travelled north taking the Christian Gospel to Britain.


The British Museum - London

A research tour of artefacts which confirm the accuracy and integrity of the Holy Bible