Instituted In 1932

The National
Bible College

Teaching the Kingdom Gospel
with a National Responsibility to
The Covenants of Almighty God

121 Low Etherley, Bishop Auckland
Co Durham, DL14 0HA, United Kingdom

Tel: 01388 834395

Principal: Pastor David J Aimer
Registered Charity No. 211471

Motto: QUOD VERUM TUTUM - "What is true is safe"


Help us in our Biblical research and suggest other topics



  • How many Israelites were deported into Assyria in the 8th. cent. BC.

  • Haplogroup genetic research has enabled people to identify their deep ancestry. Unfortunately the data has been overlaid with evolutionist dogma and chronology. What might be a Biblical perspective on Haplogroups?

  • The Israeli Jews are preparing to build a third temple in Jerusalem. What evidence if any suggests that they will succeed?



  • In the UK GCSE Biology Syllabus, section Evidence for evolution: “Students should be able to describe the evidence for evolution including fossils and antibiotic resistance in bacteria.” What scientific evidence opposes this claim?