Instituted In 1932

The National
Bible College

Teaching the Kingdom Gospel
with a National Responsibility to
The Covenants of Almighty God

121 Low Etherley, Bishop Auckland
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Principal: Pastor David J Aimer
Registered Charity No. 211471

Motto: QUOD VERUM TUTUM - "What is true is safe"

Module 4 - Establishing the identity of Israel, Jew & Gentile


4.1    The Division Of Israel And Judah.

4.2    Links Between Britain And Israel.

4.3    Identity Evidence.

4.4    The Ancient Britons And The Druids.

4.5    The Anglo-Saxons.

4.6    Race And Language.

4.7    Old Testament Prophecies Regarding Israel’s Future.

4.8    Old Testament Prophecies Regarding Israel’s Future Cont.

4.9    New Testament Prophecies Regaring Israel’s Future.

4.10    The Early British Church And The National Faith.